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iPower Cordless Lighting are the inventors, manufacturers and sole worldwide distributors of the iPowerLite® When fitted into a lamp base or lantern creates a versatile Cordless Lamp. Used in hotels, venues, restaurants, bars, pop-ups, marquees, historic venues, museums, galleries and on TV/Film sets – indoors or outdoors.  No unsightly wires or sockets required.


We offer a Cordless Lamp hire service for the Event and TV/Film industry in the UK and overseas, via our hire company, tdc Cordless Lighting. We sell the iPowerLite® to luxury hotels, venues and event suppliers abroad.


The compact, portable, rechargeable and dimmable unit fits into many styles of lamps and lanterns.  This enables the style of lighting to be changed to suit its surroundings, providing atmospheric decoration and up to five levels of illumination.  Take a look at our video below.