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The iPowerLIte® - European Patent Pending
App 09700434.5


Fits any table lamp

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Directional Pin Spot

The innovation behind cordless lighting Anywhere…

The  British designed iPowerLite® is an integrated power pack and dimmable light bulb with remote control, which uses the latest reliable and quality technology from Japan and the Far East. It is compact, lightweight and re-chargeable, providing up to 20* hours of warm flattering light, offering five levels of intensity from a subtle candlelight effect, up to the equivalent to 60 watts output, after being charged for just 3 hours. All components are fully accredited and hold the CE mark.

The iPowerLite® is extremely versatile and fits into most lamps, lanterns and indeed any container of your choice, even a paper bag!  It can be used inside or out, casting light up or down.  The Light Bulb lights up to a 3m² area and the Pin Spot projects a light beam up to 6m.  They are safe to use and present no trip or fire hazard.

Why iPowerLite® ?

  • Revolutionary Cordless Lighting (no wires or sockets required)
  • Freedom and Flexibility to position ANYWHERE on Tables, Bars, Reception Desks, Terraces
  • Warm Ambient Light that illuminates and flatters Guests, Flowers and Food to their very Best
  • Versatile Light Direction casting Light Up or Down
  • Safe, no fire or trip hazards – No naked flame
  • Using the latest quality and reliable technology
  • Specifically designed for the Event Industry by Event Professionals
  • Contemporary and Classic Designs to compliment any event
  • Up to 20*  hours of light equivalent to 60 watts output
  • Reduces Set-Up, Breakdown Costs and Time
  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Functional and Decorative
  • Can be used worldwide – supplied with universal charging plug

* Dependent upon the level of brightness selected

APP-CONTROLLED iPowerLites® are now available  to allow you to personalise level of light you require – ask for details.